Cutting drywall should never be done carelessly. For more easy to follow and user friendly tips on the matter, follow this link

You have come to the right place for tips on drywall and related topics. Find out how to have perfect walls and ceilings at all times.

Inspect sheetrock walls and ceilings for mold regularly

If mold is present, moisture has most likely affected the sheetrock and is on its way to destroying it. You must take immediate measures to stop the material’s exposure to moisture. If repair is required, it should be made right away.

Consider sound-resistant drywall installation if your home is on a busy road

These panels are specially constructed to provide greater reduction in noise coming from the outside. It is easy to recognize them even if you are not a specialist. You simply need to check their sound transmission class (STC) rating. The higher it is the greater the sound insulation will be.

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