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We have the finest technicians that you can count on for premier installation of new drywall, as well as for repair and replacement.

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A drywall or also known as plasterboard is popularly used in the construction of a new home or building. Picking the right material is not the only thing that matters. The measurement, planning, installation, and finishing are all vital in ensuring that you receive the best results. At “Drywall Repair Palos Verdes Estates” we are experienced in providing all these services, making sure that planning and new drywall installation is completed flawlessly from start to finish. We’ve been in the industry for a long time and have served many satisfied customers, from homeowners to architects, and builders.

Leave the Installation of Your New Drywall to Us

Drywall Repair Palos Verdes Estates specializes in drywall drafting. This involves precise measurements and creating a detailed plan for the installation of the ceiling and wall using plasterboards. We arrive to your place to review the area and determine not just where the materials would be placed, but have a precise estimate on how many will be implemented. The plan is also helpful in determining where the support studs are placed to ascertain the joints fall in the right place.New Drywall Installation

We have wide range of plasterboards that you can select from that are of high quality and our drywall prices are also reasonable. There are different types, including insulated, water resistant, and fire retardant which are available in varying thickness for your project. Aside from our skilled technicians, we also retain professional tools that ensure perfect installation. In addition, our diligent team applies the finishing that you prefer from a wide selection of various drywall texture options. If you wish to apply wall coverings, we also do that by installing all types of wall coverings such as wood, brick, fabric, vinyl, and wallpaper wall covering.

As your go to company for installation of walls and ceilings, we also offer drywall repair services too. Should you encounter any problem with your plasterboard, we’re the ones to call. Some of the issues that we proficiently handle are dropped ceiling, holes, mold growth, cracks, protruding nails and screws, falling tapes, and water damage.

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